The Lacey Jeans

The Lacey Jeans

  • $48.00

A good pair of white jeans can be hard to come by but these are perfection! They are sturdy yet comfortable with the cutest double button detailing, minimal distressing, and classic skinny fit. You’re going to love them with all of your favorite blouses and tanks all summer long. 

(Sizing) Since these run in odd sizes, if you are a true even size, we recommend sizing UP to the nearest odd size. For example, if you are a true size 4 we recommend getting the 5's.

Size 5 Measurements: inseam- 26.5” waist-26”

Fabric Content: 95% cotton, 4% polyester, 1% spandex

Size Chart - 0/23, 1/24, 3/25, 5/26, 7/27, 9/28, 11/29, 13/30, 15/31