Rosie Finds Her Shine Hardback Book

Rosie Finds Her Shine Hardback Book

  • $22.00

Rosie is a sweet little reindeer who just happens to be the kid sister to "the most famous reindeer of all."

Although Rosie is expected to follow in her brother's footsteps and guide Santa's sleigh, she longs for a life on the stage.

Finally, with her parent's support, she musters up the courage to follow her dream and attend the North PolePrancette audition. Rosie, like many younger siblings, struggles with self-doubt as she compares her talents and gifts to those before her. While she lacks the shine and luster of her older sibling, she discovers that she embodies a little shine of her own!

Rosie is an ambitious reindeer that is sure to Dance  her way into your child's heart, and no doubt, she will find a special place in your family's Christmas traditions this holiday season. 

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