Maddie Jeans

  • $40.00

Stay trendy in these adorable straight legged jeans! We have already been snaggng these babies and you'll understand why the second you put them on! They are a light-wash with distressed details and a cropped raw hem that will be perfect to pair with all of your favorite heels and booties. 

(Sizing) Since these run in odd sizes, if you are a true even size, we recommend sizing UP to the nearest odd size. For example, if you are a true size 4 we recommend getting the 5's.

Size 7 Measurements: Waist  - 28" / Length - 35" / Inseam - 25"

Size Chart - 1/24, 3/25, 5/26, 7/27, 9/28, 11/29, 13/30, 15/31