Bailey Girlfriend Jeans

  • $45.00

You are going to feel so cute and trendy in these KanCan jeans, girlfriend! They have a mid-rise fit, distressed light wash, and comfortable girlfriend fit. You are going to be able to style them so many different ways in every single season whether you are taller or on the shorter side! They will definitely be a staple piece in your closet.

(Sizing) Since these run in odd sizes, if you are a true even size, we recommend sizing UP to the nearest odd size. For example, if you are a true size 4 we recommend getting the 5's.

Size 7 Measurements: Waist  - 27" / Length - 40" / Inseam - 30"

Fabric Content: 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex

Size Chart - 1/24, 3/25, 5/26, 7/27, 9/28, 11/29, 13/30, 15/31